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This is UNNASOL.

UNique NAtural SOLutions.

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UNNASOL develops use-oriented UV technology, electrical components and specific application-technological software solutions.

We offer extensive competence, a flexible team and creative client-oriented trouble shooting in the applied UV technologies.

Why Choose us

Our long cooperation with several strategical partners is a huge benefit for our knowledge in UV based technology. Especially the work with MSS-Elektronik GmbH is very close.



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Our Products & Services

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UV Special Lamps

In the area of UV radiation, we offer modular UV panel light components which can be cascaded and equipped according to customer requirements. Possible areas of application are particularly narrow or large UV radiation as well as the compilation of UV mixing spectra.

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Nondestructive Testing



Our qualified skilled personnel is able to perform customer-specific UV development according to your requirements, on-site as desired. We offer a comprehensive service package. State of the art technical equipment is at our disposal. All measurement data will be edited and documented.


Measurement Devices

Exactly for your requirements!

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