US700 – Blueline

UV Handheld lamp with the newest LED technology [2 x 365nm 1x Whitelight], ultralight, homogeneous illumination, more than two hours of continuous operating time regarding to current Li-Ion battery technology.
By using highly accurate constant current sources, this lamp also shows shortly after turning on a stable UV output. This is kept stable for as part of the specification over the entire working process. This lamp is adjustable to any desired power between 25W/m² and 50W/m² factory. Thanks industrially manufactured connection cables, these can also be used in the extremest environmental areas. This lamp corresponds to protection class IP65 and is therefore dust- and splashproof. By using a modern UV filter the visible light component is reduced to <5lux, which thus meets the requirements of the MIL-range. The ergonomic handle allows the user an extremely long service life. Furthermore, very well balanced in the weight distribution of the lamp and not weighted to one side.