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US460 - Lightpen


Our hightech UV Lightpen was developed for modern industrial UV curing. It is not only in the application to UV-curing adhesives that, in recent years, UV radiation gained importance in various industrial production processes. The application of UV technology offers many advantages. It accelerates production processes and allows more flexibility.

UV adhesives permit free determination of the point of curing via the UV irradiation.

UV technology is environmentally friendly. The lifetime of high-performance UV LEDs is 20 times longer than of gas discharge lamps. In contrast to discharge lamps LEDs can be switched on and off as often as desired and have to be lit only when the process, e.g. the curing of an adhesive, is ongoing. Switching on and off has no influence on the LED’s lifetime, only the total operating time counts. This increases service life many times over. LEDs are unlimitedly adjustable. By adjusting the input current the intensity can steplessly be regulated between 0% and 100%. The switching processes occur in a millisecond range.

As LEDs are cold-light sources their application will not lead to heating of the adhesive or component. The US 460 Lightpen was designed specifically for the use in industrial production processes using UV-curing adhesives.

LEDs with an emission spectrum in the UV range (UV LEDs), thus under 400 nm, made the development of the US 460 Lightpen possible. The development of high-performance UV LEDs opens numerous fields of application, particularly for the polymerisation of light-curing adhesives and UV lacquers which could only be cured with discharge lamps before. It is due to their minimal construction size and their low energy consumption that the development of UV lamps in a flashlight format was possible.

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