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UV Special Lamps

Modular and customer specific

In the area of UV radiation, we offer modular UV panel light components which can be cascaded and equipped according to customer requirements. Possible areas of application are particularly narrow or large UV radiation as well as the compilation of UV mixing spectra.
Modular and customized in the area of UV radiation we offer modular components that can be custom fitted and cascaded. Possible application areas are especially narrow or large area UV irradiation and the compilation of UV mixed spectra. By using the newest lens technology from UV-resistant silicone, a uniform illumination is ensured by our UV surface emitter. This UV-panel lights can be cascaded and mounted at any required coverage area. These inspection lamps are intended as equivalent to conventional high-pressure bulb technology, this results in a significant cost saving. Optionally, these lamps are available with a 100% guarantee on up to 5 years. Through the use of modern filter technology, the visible portion of the light is reduced to <5lux and is characterized also ideally suited for use in NDT / MIL. We use a high-tech heat sink and aluminum case is integrated in these lamps, which leads to no need of additional cooling fans. The lamps are equipped with a universal world power supply with various adapters. Furthermore the use of constant current sources leads to a highly stable lamp power.

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