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X-Ray Film Viewer

The PTH® Mobiled S/L is the consistent and innovative extension of our product range of plaque in non- destructive material testing lamps with the help of high LED-lamps. It is specially developed for the efficient testing of X-ray images according to EN24480 und ASTM E1390-06. The low weight allows a quick and easy locally investigation.
Work with the PTH® Mobiled s
1. Insert the foot switch into the appropriate socket and lock it by turn. (picture 1/7).
2. Insert power cord into cold supply socket (picture 1/2).
3. Place the tower aperture on the viewing area (picture 1/3). A lock is not required. The tower aperture holds because of strong magnetic plates.
4. Press power switch (picture 1/2). The viewing area is illuminated.
5. Adjust basic brightness and viewing brightness with the controller and with the foot switch (picture 1).
the PTH® Mobiled s reach immediately after the switch on his final performance and after it gets switched off it is possible to directly switch it on again.

Technical Data

Product Mobiled S Mobiled L
LED – Spotlight risk class 0 0
Uniformity factor g > 0,7 g > 0,65
Maximum case temperature* < 37 °C < 37 °C
Maximum luminous surfaces temperature* < 35 °C < 35 °C
Cooling of the LED 2xFans – temperature controlled 4xFans – temperature controlled
Total power consumption Max 150W Max 300W
Operating voltage of the lamp 110-230V / 50Hz 110-230V / 50Hz
Weight 2,75 Kg 4,8 Kg
Maximum brightness 300000 cd /m² 250000 cd /m²
Dimensions of the luminous area 228 x 84 mm 450 x 84 mm
Dimensions L=276mm, H=112mm, B=170mm L=530mm, H=112mm, B=170mm
Start time for 100% power immediately immediately
Reclosing time in the hot condition immediately immediately
Housing protection class IP44 IP44
Securing Finely assurance 6x20mm 2×0,5A Finely assurance 6x20mm 2×1,6A

* after 15 minutes at maximum power

This product is available via our salespartner PTH Prüftechnischer Handel GmbH.

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