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Our qualified skilled personnel is able to perform customer-specific UV development according to your requirements, on-site as desired. We offer a comprehensive service package in these areas.

  • UV-Measurements with double monochromator (Spectroradiometer)
  • Devloment for UV-Systems is available

State of the art technical equipment is at our disposal.
All measurement data will be edited and documented.


Doppelmonochromator OL756 (NIST calibrated)

High-Accuracy UV-VIS Spectoradiometer (200-800 nm)

Technical Data:

Wavelength Range: 200 – 800 nm
Wavelength Accuracy: +/- 0,15 nm
Wavelength Resolution: 0,05 nm
Wavelength Stability: +/- 0,05 nm
Optical Half Bandwidth (FWHM): 0,8-5 nm
Stray Light Level: < 10-8 @ 285 nm (typ)
Measurement Scan Modes: Manual, Point to Point, Quickscan
Maximum Scan Speed (200-800 nm): 200 nm/sec (Quickscan Mode)
Noise Equivalent Irradiance (typ)¹: 1,7 E-7 @ 300 nm
1 E-7 @ 500 nm
5,5 E-7 @ 700 nm
Detector: TE-Cooled S-20 Response Photomultiplier
PMT High Voltage Range: 0 – 1100 V
Communication Interface: USB / RS-232
Operating Temperature: 10 – 40°C
Power Consumption: 12VDC /3A max
  or 115VAC / 1,2A
  or 230VAC / 0,6A
Dimensions: 12,75″ x 11″ x 8,75″
Weight: 25 lbs

¹ FWHM = 1,5 nm, IS-670 Six-inch Integrating Sphere, PMT @ 650V


The company Unnasol Gmbh operates for years in the field of UV and medical. We provide services by the area of significant UV technology. Our work focuses on development of software, such as PC software, microcontroller, PLC and industrybustechnology. The hardware structures we perform with the printers and laser technology CAD system Inventor and modern 3D printer. Thus we are customized conduct able quick special solutions for prototyping.

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