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US4018 - Blueline

UV flood light with the newest LED technology [365nm]. Panel-Lights, which is cascadable up to any size. UV surface emitter with huge field of illumination and 32 high power LEDs 365nm by using the latest lens technology from UV-resistant silicone, uniform illumination are ensured by our UV surface emitter. This UV flood light can be cascaded and mounted at any required coverage area. This inspection lamp is intended as equivalent to conventional high-pressure jet technology and leads to a significant Cost savings.

Through the use of modern filter technology, the visible portion of the light is reduced to <5lux and is characterized also ideally suited for use in NDT / MIL. Thanks to the use of a modern aluminum cooling body and aluminum frame the lamp dispensed on an additional cooling fan. The US4018 is equipped with a universal world power supply with various adapters. Furthermore, the use of constant current sources to a highly stable lamp power leads.

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